Best Downtown Deal, Come Durango Rec Room

Best Downtown Deal, Come Durango Rec Room

Best Downtown Deal, Come Durango Rec Room

Stardawg, possibly named after the bright, sparkling crystal trichomes that blanket the strain like stars, is a hybrid cross between Chemdawg 4 and Tres Dawg. Earthy pine with sour notes of diesel color Stardawg, whose uplifting effects may help patients treating stress, fatigue, and anxiety disorders. Stardawg flowers in 67 days indoors with moderate yields.

Tell your Budtender the secret word to get the best deal, on the best quality buds!


Today the secret word is… Space Dawg


Stardawg sitting at 30.20%THC



  • “Strain: Stardawg (Chemdawg 4 / Tres Dawg — Sativa leaning Hybrid) THC: 23.92% CBD: 0.00% Location found: KaLeafa Date purchased: 3.29.16 Price: $8.00 Weight: 1.2g Method of Consumption: Herb Iron and small bong Smell: Diesel damp earth with a little pine sol fragrance when the scissors cut through the bud. Look: Mid-sized green bud with fine orange hairs. Small amount of sugar leaf left behind and the bud looks g…”

  • “This stuff is my new favorite medicine. I have used marijuana for 20+ years. I have realized the wonderful things cannabis can treat. … My Dad has colon cancer. is possibly living the last few days if his life. (if surgery doesn’t go well) My Pops hasn’t smoked since the seventies, He is 78 years old. Stardawg has been a miracle. It truly has alleviated his pain, He says it is vetter”

  • “Great daytime smoke, still functional and just happy and uplifted. Good for anxiety and depression, able to get stuff done, and great for going out and going for a walk. Awesome flowers, covered in Orange hairs, pretty dense and sparkling. Great bag appeal . Really happy feelings and everything is just funny. Get a sense that everything is just going to be alright.”

  • “Love it. Euphoric and happy head high. Definitely a favorite for a productive day. I cleaned, cooked, took my dog for a run, went grocery shopping, and didn’t want to kill every driver on Colorado Blvd. Stardawg is my new go to for controlling my episodes of anxiety. If I feel like I’m going to have a full blown panic attack, there aren’t many strains that help me ground myself while still allowing me to functio…”

  • “This review is for Stardawg Guava. Smells very clean, lemony, guava, citrus. Sticky with lots of brown pistols. Clean hitting. High is euphoric and happy”

  • “🌎🎑 Stardawg is some seriously earthy stuff. With a slight diesel taste, this strain is very interesting. I tastes exactly how it smells. The high is very heady, and somewhat of a creeper. It is very relaxing after a few minutes but also gives you quite a bit of sociability. The body high is pretty substantial after an hour! I would recommend this strain to anybody seeking pain relief without restricting them to dro…”

  • “Stardawg, or as I think of it, a Chemdawg super hybrid, is a top shelf strain. The smell is incredibly pungent and unique with noticeable chemdawg characteristics. This strain was simply covered with trichomes of which I got some great pictures. Stardawg is incredibly potent, feeling its powerful hybrid effects nearly immediately. A euphoric and happy high, this strain is very effective in stress relief and is useful…”

  • “One of the best strains I’ve ever had the honor of growing. Top Dawg Seeds has really come through with making this strain available to the general public in seed form. I got a couple 10-packs of seeds from Seeds Here Now and had great results with both the store ( and with the genetics (topdawg). Star Dawg is one of the only strains that actually let’s me stay awake. Everything else makes me…”

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