Best Downtown Durango Dispensary

Best Downtown Durango Dispensary

Best Downtown Durango Dispensary Doc’s OG

Bred by Green House Seeds, The Doctor is an indica-dominant strain designed to treat a myriad of unpleasant symptoms such as pain, nausea, appetite loss, and insomnia.





Get your day started right and try this Doc’s OG testing at 19.80% THC!

Tell your Budtender this secret word for the best deal in town!

Secret Word: Doctor Who

$6 a Gram/$26 an Eighth!

Edible Special!

Marqaha Flasqs 100mg are going for $18 out the door!

Its name also comes in tribute to the motorcycle racer Valentino Rossi, also called “The Doctor.” Heavy sedating effects act fast, leaving you feeling pacified and calm. Earthy flavors soured by skunky, fruity notes arrive on the inhale, making their exit with the taste of hashy spice. Great White Shark, Super Skunk, and an unnamed South Indian parent lend The Doctor its genetic blueprint.

  • CaliCream


    3 years ago

    “This strain will fuck you up son!!”

  • TO_420


    3 years ago

    “The Doctor is an indica dominant hybrid (80% indica/20% sativa) strain created through a three-way cross of the powerful Great White Shark X South Indian X Super Skunk strains. This celebrity child wasn’t named for Doctor Who, but rather gets its name from infamous motorcyclist Valentino Rossi, nicknamed “The Doctor.” Like a fast-paced bike race, The Doctor hits you hard and fast with heavy effects felt in both the m…”

  • tle3


    3 years ago

    “Luv it, luv it. I have seizures and BAD insomnia; and this crap takes care of both problems. I’ve been at OHSU for both issues, and they finally decided MJ works, and IT DOES!!!! Yes, yes, yes……………..”

  • seanzy84


    2 years ago

    “awesome strain for medical reasons. awesome strain to grow also. grew 2 indoor under 600w hps and 300w led. used canna Coco and canna Coco nutrients in three gallon oxypots. prefer fully mature flowers so I picked one at week 9 and picked one at week 12! everyone harvests way to early give it a week or two more and WOW what a difference. cured very nice very resinous and light gold frosted gotta love sum CBD in it! s…”

  • pauljoseph


    3 years ago

    “top notch”

  • OhNoYourGlobe


    4 months ago

    “Whenever I smoke this strain I start singing made up songs like, “this is/ the best weed/ I have ever smoked!” I wish I could sing it for you all now, as I have just toked and am feeling incredible! Smoke it before bed! Zzzz. The Doc knows what’s up! “

  • Gtrplr333


    3 weeks ago

    “Moderate-high painkilling properties. Honestly, the perfect Indica. I experienced zero couch lock from it, however, relaxing is certainly no chore on this stuff. I also found myself focused and productive. However, the latter is a result of vaping a moderate dose at moderate temperature. At higher temperatures, it certainly is perfect to take before bed. 🙂 EXCELLENT Netflix and chill strain, as well as philoso…”

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