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Evan Pappan

Check out Evan’s Picks! Evan Pappan is one of the amazing Bud-Tenders here at the Durango Rec Room and has been working for us since 2021! Evan is a long time smoker who loves to expand his knowledge of cannabis to share with every customer he helps! In his free time Evan enjoys playing Tabletop RPG’s and Spending time with his Fiancé and Cats.

Evan’s Picks! Want to know the products Evan Prefers to use? Look no further! His suggestion are listed below!

Evan’s Favorite Cartridges


Batch is an wonderful! I love everything the company puts out, from their signature lines that provide a strain specific flavor and experience, to their Flavored options which are perfect if you prefer a tasty experience, Batch always impresses! And with 500mg, 1000mg and 2000mg of both the Signature and Flavored Line, Batch is bound to have something for you!

Sano Gardens!

Sano Gardens is one of my favorite Vape Companies on the market! That’s cause the 2023 Rooster Classic winners know what they’re doing! Weather it’s the 100mg Orchard All In Ones or the 1000mg Amber Live Resin Vape Cart all Sano products taste amazing and provide a smooth and effective high you won’t find in most other carts. It truly is the Vape you mistake for a Joint!


Looking for a more affordable option? Look no further than Shift! These amazing carts come in both Distillate and Live Resin options that taste great but won’t break the bank! But never fear, Shift doesn’t sacrifice quality, as these carts taste amazing and provide and wonderful consistent high that I love!

Evan’s Top Concentrates

Juicy Concentrates

Time to get Juicy! These hard hitting Infused Joints are made with a perfect blend of Concentrate and flower making these joints perfect for a solo Sesh or a smoke out with friends! And with amazing flavors like Pineapple’s in Paradise, Purp Fiction, Revenge of the Blueberries, Planet of the Grapes, The Beach, and What a Melon they definitely have a joint that will hit the spot!

Evan’s Edible Loves

Dialed In Gummies

One of the best tasting edibles available on the market! These small batch Full Spectrum Rosin Edibles are made with care and love and pack a punch! Each pack comes with two different flavors and each batch is made with new amazing flavors but always provide an amazing consistent high every time.


This is Luxury! Nové Chocolates are truly delicious, filling both dark and milk chocolate bars with amazing flavors like Salted Caramel, Honey Peanut Butter, Island Coconut, Raspberry Bramble, Cafe Cappuccino, and my personal favorite Glacier Mint, and at only $20 per bar this is Luxury anyone can afford!

Strains Kasie Loves

Orange Push Pop!

This Strain is a Powerhouse! Testing above 30% this amazing Indica Leaning Hybrid is a perfect strain to round out a hard day or week with. With a fresh cut Grapefruit scent, there is no Munchies here, just a nice mellow high!