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Kasie Salazar

It’s Kasie’s Picks! Kasie Salazar is one of the General Managers here at the Durango Rec Room and has been working for us since 2020! Kasie has a passion for expanding her Cannabis knowledge and loves to share everything she has learned with every customer she helps!

Kasie’s Picks! Looking for the products that Kasie prefers? Look no further than this comprehensive list of her favorite products and strains!

Kasie’s Preferred Cartridges


Batch is an amazing product! After years of carrying this company I continue to have nothing but success with every batch cart I buy. And with a wide variety of both strain specific and flavored options as well as 500mg, 1000mg, and 2000mg options, they have something for everyone!


With a beautiful light colored oil, this 1g cart will catch your eye as soon as you open the package and you will fall in love. Every Magnitude cart comes with a rotating air flow control on the bottom of every cart giving you an extra level of control over how much vapor you get! If that wasn’t enough to sell you on these amazing carts, we have had no complaints of mechanical issues or leaking!

Kasie’s Favorite Concentrates

Bud Fox

Super clean with a light color, it is hard to find a better concentrate at a cheaper price. And with options including 1g, 2g and 4g buckets, the more you get the more you save!

Juicy Concentrates

Some of the hardest hitting Infused Joints I have ever smoked, these are perfect for yourself or to share with a few friends! At an amazing price point and with great flavors like Pineapple’s in Paradise, Purp Fiction, Revenge of the Blueberries, Planet of the Grapes, The Beach, and What a Melon they definitely have a joint that is perfect for you!

Kasie’s Favorite Edibles

Dialed In Gummies

One of the best tasting edibles I have ever had, and they still pack a punch! Made with super high quality rosin sourced from some of the greatest grows around the state, Dialed In is, well, Dialed in!


Caramels made Coloroado true! 7Sacred makes some of the best edibles on the market and they’re not chocolate! Every caramel is made with Colorado true products like Western Sloap Apple, High Desert Honey, Palisade Peach, or Rocky Mountain Cherry, they have a flavor you want!

Strains Kasie Loves


Bubble Berry is an amazing strain! With super dense nugs and an amazing berry scent and taste, this strain is definitely a treat for all cannabis consumers. Combining the sweet, floral taste and aroma of Bubble Gum with the all-star fruity skunkiness of Blueberry, this strain has depth while remaining immensely palatable!

Mandarin Zkittles

This indica is full of flavor! Mandarin Zkittles has a lower testing than some other strains but don’t let that fool you. This strain packs a punch, this eye-catching strain has unique and beautiful purple, black, and red buds. Its dense, resinous buds have a low leaf-to-flower ratio, making Mandarin Zkittlez an excellent choice for extraction

Orange Push Pop

Orange you glad about it? I know I am! Orange Push Pop is my favorite strain of all time. Delivering a high percentage without sacrificing scent or flavor, this is one of the few strains that tastes exactly like it smells! Definitely worth every penny!