Durango Rec Room has Purple Hashplant

Durango Rec Room has Purple Hashplant


Flower Special! – Purple Hashplant

Purple Hashplant is a hybrid cannabis strain that provides well-balanced head and body effects along with great flavor. These diligent plants are easy to grow and should be ready with their bouquet of perfumed flowers within 8 to 9 weeks. Buds will have a “purple” taste that their color hints at, full of dark fruit and berry notes. Purple Hashplant produces euphoric effects that are great for relaxing or clearing the mind.




Come in and provide the secret word which will be: “PHP”

Once you give us that secret word, we can offer you this goodness for as little as $9 gram / $28 eighth.

Wax Monday!

On top of the flower special, it is Monday so we’re also gonna throw the Wax Monday special your way! (I was gonna do it anyways for 4/20 but it’s convenient enough that it landed on a Monday!) That means that everything in the concentrate display case is 15% off! That’s shatters, budders, caviar joints, alchemy crystals, and more! If it’s in the glass box, it’s discounted!

Edible Special!

Not into smoking? Worry not! Durango Rec Room’s got your back with our Marqaha Gummies $20 out the door!


Purple Hashplant Reviews




An Indica dominate cross with, amazing tropical flavor. Has a slight scent of coconuts and flowers accompanied with a relaxing high. Lineage: HP13 x Afghani #1 IBL 55-70 Days flower time.



I love this Strain, Very Sweet and Relaxing. Leaves that wonderful aroma in the room. You Feel Chill But if you don’t lock yourself down you can focus on a lot of activities. Stress Melts away. Leaving your muscles feeling like Jello. If you like the Sweet and Stinky this is your strain.



This is most definitely a night time smoke. The feeling of heavy sleepiness came over me with in hour.