Durango Rec Room's Top Shelf

Durango Rec Room’s Top Shelf

Durango Rec Room’s Top Shelf

Flower Special!

Another week, another Tuesday at the Durango Rec Room! Today, we’re putting the Stink Bomb on as our daily special. You can thank Tuesday for that one. Big shoutout to him.

Stink Bomb is an indica-dominant hybrid. Stink Bomb combines the aroma and stout stature of NorCal Cat Piss with strong notes of lime from Face Off OG. This medium-yield strain has a flowering time of 65 days.




No special word needed today for this awesome deal going for..

$10 gram / $35 eighth

Edible Special!

Not into smoking to get high? Durango Rec Room has a deal for you too! We’ll be running our Marqaha Tincture 100mg for $20 out the door!






Durango Rec Room’s Top Shelf

  • “What an interesting strain. Based off the reviews,I was not pleased to be receiving my batch. Half of a hit later, I am happy I made this choice. The smell is not as bad as people exaggerated, nor is the taste. It has a strong dank smell but not something to worry you. I would call this a pro strain because one hit and life is feeling really good. First hit was harsh and I coughed for a while but it was smooth sailin…”

  • LordofBhang


    5 years ago

    “Grrreat. Yo Leafly can we get Purple Cat Piss Details page tho thank you look foward to seeing purple cat piss in the new strains . My Review is for Purple Cat Piss. Whoa this Green Thumb Gardens Purple Piss I got From Hah Cafe UW Seattle is Wonderful smells like them champelly tress wit some grrapes thrown in the mix kinda remind me of sangria but taste like that rossi Rhine hah nice color shades green greyish pur…”

  • AceThirtyThree


    2 years ago

    “Even though 90% of cannabis I purchase is through dispensaries, I still maintain my black-market connections. In SoCal there are strains that are amazing that don’t make it to dispensaries, people have been growing them their way for decades, why change now. I acquired this strain from a very talented grower called Windex. I never heard of it, didn’t ask questions about the name. I actually smoked a joint right a…”

  • rapsody


    4 years ago

    “Great smoke!!!!!! The smell is terrible makes u think they used catpiss lol very potent”

  • EdibleEm


    3 years ago

    “Wake and take – yup my meds lol so I blasted some of this and it was a nice cerebral and physically relaxing outcome. Able to get through my morning routine But It did set my asthma off a bit and got me coughing a few times- an unpleasant result of the amonia like pungency I think. Did help curb the nausea that usually accompanies my morning pill routine- good one for first thing if you do have a shootload of medicat…”

  • LegitLogic


    3 years ago

    “Cat Piss despite the crazy smell, is one of my easily top favorites, it’s always has been since I first got a smell of the strain. This is really an incredible strain, definitely great for Anxiety, Depression, Spasms, Pain and more. It’s probably not for everyone but the ones who like it totally understand what I mean by how good it is. I have to say again it is a must try for all!”

  • WheresToto


    4 years ago

    “SO in love. This strain is amazingly potent as it is pungent! 😉 Favorite!”

  • GettingDougShow


    5 years ago

    “”I think that the highs were very high. I was like, excited, I was energetic and I enjoyed them. I think at the end of the second thing, before we went to the second break, we were in a little bit of a lull. And then we smoked a little more, and I’m back up and excited again.” –Jay Chandrasekhar, Getting Doug With High https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cRBZgpx1WBA”