Durango’s memorial day weekend locals deals edible

Durango’s memorial day weekend locals deals edible

Happy Memorial day weekend Durango.

We have a killer deal on my favorite edibles today, Fruits Robhots. They come in a box of ten gummies at 10mg per piece, and 100mg total. Its come with 3 different flavors: Banana, Blueberry, and Green Apple. They are made with raw THC distillate.

THC distillate is an ultra refined cannabis concentrate.  We were the first MMIP kitchen in Colorado to use distillate in edibles, and there’s some good things to know about the distillate edibles.  Unlike a typical food grade hash oil found in most edibles, the distillate we use is:

  • Solvent free, dewaxed, and extremely refined through molecular distillation
  • Free of numerous plant by-products found in unrefined concentrates
  • No cutting agents of any kind used
  • Fully activated THC
  • No hashy or plant taste like many cannabis concentrates

We also have a sweet Flower Special going on. It’s going to be a Sativa strain.

First we have Jack Flash, which is sitting at 27.88% THC and is being sold today for $12/gram and $35/8th. To create Jack Flash, Sensi Seeds started out with their Jack Herer‘s gene pool and then crossed it with Super Skunk and Haze. Jack Flash offers an earthy citrus aroma, impressive yields, and the active cerebral legacy of her Jack Herer parent.




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