Durango's Premier Downtown Dispensary!

Durango’s Premier Downtown Dispensary!

Durango’s Premier Downtown Dispensary!

What is Guptilla?

Guptilla is a potent indica-dominant strain bred by Colorado Seed Inc. Found at Durango’s Premier Downtown Dispensary, with the glittering trichome laden foliage of Gorilla Glue #4 intermixed with the “Dr. of Dankness” Gupta Kush, this strain raises kushy, full-bodied indica effects to a level that few have the privilege of enjoying. Anticipate pungent floral and earthy overtones with pronounced cerebral headiness that is anchored to the earth by the physical weight this strain places on the limbs. Enjoy this quality weed at the end of the day, as its effects are very sedating.

Available at Durango’s Premier Downtown Dispensary, The Rec Room. Guptilla is a Colorado-bred, extremely potent, not-well-suited-for-low-tolerance-consumers, initially euphoric, positive, focused and giggly, 60/40, Indica-Dominant, evening (definitely) hybrid blend of Gupta Kush and Gorilla Glue #4. Body-soothing and sedating, this quality earthy, grape, lemon and Kush-y strain tends to promote sleep.


Come visit Durango’s Premier Downtown Dispensary and share the secret word with your budtender for a super special! 

Try the Indica Dominant Hybrid strain, Guptilla, today at the Rec Room for $8 a gram/$26 an Eighth!!

The secret word of the day is… “Gupti Kush”

But wait, there’s more!

We’ve got a couple 100mg edibles on special for you guys! ONLY $16

Mountain High – S’mores Indica, and Fig n’ Oat Cookie sativa

Nature High – White Chocolate w/ Raspberry Sativa, and Dark Chocolate w/ Orange Indica

Durango’s Premier Downtown Dispensary!








  • “bold flavors. its gassy, if you can mix grape, orange and lemon into one word its called guptilla. gives a deep long lasting high. relaxes everything without making you sleepy. dont get me wrong smoke this b4 bed and you might stay in la la land for longer than you want. even had to get some seeds after smoking this.”

  • “Whoah. Been hitting the herb for 42 years now, and this strain stands out for me. A nice long pleasant stone that leaves you with a shit-eating grin for at least 2 euphoric hours. A happy high for sure that is also very relaxing. NO paranoia for sure. No doubt a good old fashioned STONED effect. It’s so good that I am going to the dispensary to fork out $100 for 6 regular seeds to hopefully get at least one goo…”

  • “Absolutely amazing and euphoric some of the best smoke I’ve ever had and averages 29-30% 😍🤤”

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