Orange Cookies

Orange Cookies! Durango Rec Room!

Orange Cookies! Durango Rec Room!

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Orange Cookies! Durango Rec Room! The Mandarin Cookies high is just as eye-opening as the flavor. With a lifted high that hits both mind and body with an almost frenzied sense of energy and motivation, you’ll feel a rush of euphoria first that fills your mind with a sense of tingly creativity and energy.


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$9 Grams / $28 Eighths! Cookies are Back! Durango Rec Room!


Mandarin Cookies 101!

Crossing Forum Cut Cookies with Mandarin Sunset, Mandarin Cookies’ tasty terpene profile has won multiple concentrate awards. The high is sedate and calming. Making this strain a great choice for an after-dinner dessert with friends that doesn’t glue you to the couch.



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Holy smokes, i am writing this while currently high off of this strain… I at the time was looking for some blue dream at my local dispensary, when I found out the closed early I of course was disappointed.. however not for long. Long story short I was able to get this strain at another dispensary and I gotta say, this strain is by far the best I’ve smoked in awhile… I’m a daily smoker. I’m currently on the couch and it feels as if I’m on a boat in the middle of the ocean while the boat moves with the waves… Jesus Christ.



I recently purchased this strain from VidaCann in Florida, and the effects are absolutely amazing thus far. I suffer from pretty severe anxiety and depression and to be completely honest, this is significantly helping both of those. Would highly recommend to try this strain, so far I have been really enjoying it. Have a great day!
Picked up some mandarin cookies by magic time aka from the soil in Tacoma, WA at urban bud. Looks: 3/5. Loose stemy dull green nugs. Smell: 5/5. Straight up mandarin oranges with a hint of oak and skunk. Taste 5/5. Juicy oranges. Effects 5/5. Big euphoria, moderate relaxation, creativity altered, appetite up, talkative. Recommended for simply a good time. I’ll get again.