Pucker Up

Pucker Up! Durango Rec Room!

Pucker Up! Durango Rec Room!

Flower Special!

Pucker Up! Durango Rec Room! Today we have our Pucker! Testing at an impressive 20.7% this strain is known to deliver a relaxing high and a wonderful sour terpene! Tall in the grow, with light, fluffy buds and open calyxes, Pucker looks like a prototypical sativa.


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Pucker 101!

Looks: Tall in the grow, with light, fluffy buds and open calyxes, Pucker looks like a prototypical sativa. Its bright-green color, tall and loose bud structure and tendency to foxtail gives it an appearance unique from either parent.

Smell: Pucker’s tart, acidic scents of citrus are a sweet-and-sour mix of orange and lemon, with dank smells of soil and a grainy, spicy scent of bark subtly closing out the smell. Think squeezed lemon over a fresh (maybe too fresh) bed of greens.

Flavor: Those high terpene levels can fight off flavored tobacco wraps or dirty bong water, with intense lemon and orange flavors suffocating the tastebuds. The tongue is relieved by fresh, grainy tastes of Kush, though, giving it some much-needed complexity before the zest comes in.

Effects: Light on focus, Pucker’s high is all gusto. The energy and motivation put users in a hurry no matter the task at hand, but it’s a fun hurry. Concentration might be lacking, but anxiety is also light, making it a good option for daytime. Medical users have used Pucker to treat exhaustion, anxiety, mental anguish, minor pain and headaches.

Pucker Up! Durango Rec Room!



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“I received an 1/8 of this from a dealer and was told it was lemon g. as long as I lived in Ohio I had never tried this strain. the bud was beautiful, dense, frosty and it smelled very lemony. so on Saturday night I seshed with my friends and we shared a blunt with maybe 1.5 in it and we couldn’t stop laughing and cracking jokes. it got to the point where we couldn’t breathe from laughing. after the high it put me dir…”



“One of my favorite CBD strains. The best thing about this strain is that it is very appealing in many different ways! The structure is amazing, providing nugs with so much frost even the pistils have a white milky look to them. The aroma is a nice lemon, earthy smell. Great for relaxing without being couch locked. Perfect for outside activity or gardening. Great for anxiety, studying, social gatherings, etc get your …”


“Decided to pickup a half ounce from my local dispensary, I gotta say this particular batch is quite stoney and gives an indica feel similar to its G13 parent. This Lemon G also has a strong lemon scent and I’d say it isn’t too harsh of a smoke. I give it a 4/5”pucker