Pura Vida – Top Shelf Tuesday

Top Shelf Tuesday at the Durango Rec Room!

Pura Vida

A beautiful cultivar from Bodhi Seeds, Pura Vida crosses LA Pure Kush with Appalachia. Pura Vida has bulbous light green buds with stark red pistils. The flavor profile is deep with earthy, musky, and menthol notes that float above a rich base of fuel and citrus aromas. If you need a pick me up, Pura Vida’s feel-good high will put a smile on your face even on the rainiest of days.


Come on by the Durango Rec Room to grab some Pura Vida for a steal of a price!

$10 gram / $35 eighth !!!

No secret word needed today…


Edible Special

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Pura Vida Reviews

  • Avatar for jdmacias



    Taste is amazing like a sweet starburst. Smoking out of a blunt regular swissa sweet. Smoke is thick and expands quickly in lungs. Slight tingling thru the body as I smoke. Feeling floaty after half a blunt. This strain helped me with constipation made me want to run to the restroom half way thru blunt.Slight menthol after tone towards end of blunt.Very earthy taste for most part.My eyes just drooped towards the end of the blunt.Feeling spaced out now. 9/10 on rating. Buds were very nice looking but I been really craving some GSC Strains. Those r just hard to beat.

    Avatar for SilverEyedHuntsman



    Pura Vida’s taste and effect are very similar to Starkiller, but less extreme. It’s piney as hell and pungent in the background. I was surprised by its potency. I was still feeling a little fuzzy in the morning. Overall, it doesn’t stand out as unusual, but it absolutely nails all the standards. A solid strain, for sure.

    Avatar for Christianpr



    Well im very high like floating very comfy, kinda struggling typing…wow holy shit this is wow if you have the chance to get the hands on some pura vida dont miss it puñeta esta good.

    Avatar for PsychoDellix



    met a local grower at the disc golf course. he gave me a sample, and I went from winning to losing the round after just one hit. So he told me where to pick some up. met the owner of Top Shelf on OKC and he hooked it up. smoked a bowl and needed to go sit down, Wich lead to lay down…wich lead to sleep and some amazing dreams. 10/10 would do it again.

    Avatar for ElliesBlues



    Wow, this strain is perfect for me. I like a good hybrid that relaxes me without making me lose energy to work all day. This does a little bit of both. As someone who uses medical cannabis to treat my anxiety and multiple types of pain, with this strain I definitely don’t notice either at all! Would definitely recommend anyone to try this strain especially if they need a good balance of effects, but something still powerful enough to help your pain.

    Avatar for Owen222



    When I smoke this strain I feel uplifted and happy. It makes you laugh allot and gets you super high 100% recommend 😂