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Top Shelf Tuesday! Downtown Durango Rec Room!

Top Shelf Tuesday! Downtown Durango Rec Room!

Tell your Budtender the secret word to get yourself some Sour Tangie at an incredible price! We Love Top Shelf Tuesday!
The secret word today is…. Tangie Tuesday!
$10grams/$35eighths for 34.02%THC
That isn’t all though for the time being we’ve got a few different 100mg edible options for just $20!
-Mountain High S’mores, and Fig and Oat cookie, and Natures High indica and sativa chocolates!
-Koala 100mg chocolate bars with a wide variety of flavors, apple pie, tootie frootie, bourbon pecan, key lime pie, mint chocolate chip, macchiato, strawberry cheese cake!
  • “Okay I smoked a few bongs rips of this, and my girlfriend was completely toasted like the meatball sub at Subway. Honestly, roasted like a Jetpuffed Marshmallow. Seriously baked like an apple pie on July 4th, with fireworks blasting overhead. It was extremely patriotic. Entirely cooked.”

  • hi2

    “Need a mood boost in the morning? Reach for Sour Tangie, an energizing, smile inducing strain. Zero brain fog. Especially nice if you have a lot to do in the house….Now it’s actually going to be fun.”

  • “Fantastic Motivator, I was having a hard time just getting through the day trying to make the right decisions, I just couldn’t decide on anything or felt like procrastination was all I could do. I took a few hits and after two fresh -“bands” song came on I knew exactly what to do and the biggest grin you would have ever seen from frowny face like this :”( to this 😀 it’s a automatic fixer! It left me feeling happy ab…”

  • “This tastes like orange🍊koolaid in pixsy-sticks. After the orange zing coats your tongue, the diesel in this line will shoot ➳ you sideways. However, it will settle into a talkative and creative high.”

  • “🐸🍊 Sour Tangie has a killer creative buzz and it’s flavor and smell are AMAZING! Probably the strongest citrus smell I have ever encountered with any strain. I like this more than Tangie, Kosher Tangie and Sour Diesel. The high is the right kind of sativa balance I love. Whoever decided to bring these strains together, I commend thee. I would recommend it over any other 80%+ sativa.”

  • “Tasty strain, smells great, looks great, nice big fluffy buds that broke down very nicely. The taste is nice, I thought it would be a bit more citrus but that is a minor quibble. The high is really amazing, almost LSD like the first few times you vape this strain, then you adjust and the high is great, talkative, upbeat, energetic, while being totally ripped – a strange sensation. Of course too much will put you i…”

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