Top Shelf Tuesday with Lemon Cookies!

Top Shelf Tuesday with Lemon Cookies!

What is Lemon Cookies?

A tasty match made in heaven, Lemon Cookies is a cross between Lemon Haze and GSC.





No secret word needed today, just come in and say hi and try out the strong Sativa Hybrid, Lemon Cookies testing over 30% THC!

$10 a gram/$35 an eighth!!

That’s not all! Today we have 100mg Koala bars for $20 OTD!

More on Lemon Cookies:

This tasty sativa-leaning hybrid has dense buds with citrus aromas that will erupt from the bag and intensify when smoking. The high is euphoric but not overwhelming, leaving your body relaxed and free of tension.

  • ToniRam


    2 weeks ago

    “beautiful “

  • Medicated_in_PHL


    a month ago

    “I use this as a live resin sauce in a concentrate pen. It is fantastic. The flavor is top-tier and the high is exactly what I expect out of a hybrid. Relaxing without being sedating, it melts away anxiety without being overly intoxicating. Perfect summer afternoon strain.”

  • Smoke.6x


    2 months ago

    “It gave me a nice chill high but at the same time i wanted to do something it almost made me feel tingly.”

  • AlexanderDMZ


    2 months ago

    “love this, just tried it. it definitely makes you “aroused”, as a forewarning.”

  • kistastas


    2 months ago

    “Oh man it opened up an third dimension for me. This is really THE ONE for me! I’ll never buy something other except an heavy indica for the sleep”

  • BleedingRectom


    3 months ago

    “I got some Fyre Industries Lemon Cookies Terp Sauce, here shall say my review. I was super tense and anxious, 2 small hits of this and was immediately relieved of both anxiety and worry. The taste is phenomenal it tastes like a lemony gingerbread cookie. I’m not even a big cookies fan either. Also, Fyre industries products that I have had have been incredible.