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A Sour Sherbert Friday!

A Sour Sherbert Friday!

Flower Special

A Sour Sherbert Friday! Get ready for something WYLD Durango, with some Sour Sherbert at the Rec Room. Today we have two amazing specials for you, we have our Sour Glizzy for a Sativa, with an amazing look and smell this strain is perfect for any mid day activity or just getting stuff done around the house! Looking for more of an Indica? Check out the Sherbert Creamsicle, a truly wonderfully tasting strain with a great high that is perfect to end any day!

Sour Glizzy!

Sour Glizzy is a unknown variety from Exclusive Seeds and can be cultivated indoors and outdoors. Exclusive Seeds’ Sour Glizzy is a THC dominant variety and is/was never available as feminized seeds.

Sherbet Creamsicle!

Sugar-sweet blend of citrus and berry on early finishing plants with very low leaf and lots of fall colors. A truly stunning and invigorating plant to behold. User experience is smooth and uplifting. Great for functional daytime enhancement.

A Sour Sherbert Friday!

Night Owl Special!

It’s Friday Durango and your friends at the Durango Rec Room are here to help you end your week right! Come on anytime between 7pm and Closing (9:50) to get 15% off your entire order! No words to say, nothing to show your bud tender, just show up after 7pm and get 15% off just for coming in! Our way of saying thank you to all of our amazing customers who have helped us out so much!

Durango Rec Room, The House of OZ’s!

Well, we’ve got you! Come on in for one of our pre-packed zips,  starting at $40-$50 for shake, Popcorn ranging from $60- $70-$80, and Full Bud Oz Starting at $99 out the door!  We have sativas, hybrids, and indicas in a variety of potencies and flavors! We’re sure to have something for you! Is this enough for you? Big Delightful bags, just for you!

A Sour Sherbert Friday!


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A Sour Sherbert Friday!