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Munchin on Scoops of Starfire!

Munchin on Scoops of Starfire!

Flower Special!

Munchin on Scoops of Starfire! It’s Monday Durango, get Munchin with your Friends at the Rec Room! We have tow amazing strains on special for you today like our Starfire Cream for a Sativa, testing at 14.64% this sativa is a wonderful smoke for a active or creative day out! Looking for more of an Indica, check out the Scoops of Chem! Testing at 14.38% this is an excellent indica to wind down at the end of any day!

Starfire Cream!

Highly resinous plants sporting thick flowers with great bag appeal. Our favorite pheno combines strong well-spaced stems supporting tight conical buds with copious crystal and a subtle, intriguing aroma. User experience is strong and grounded.

Scoops of Chem!

Large chunky flowers on very strong stems with an almost gross mix of sweet sherbet and fuely funk.  Greasy crystal coating and very high terpene content. Strong Chem infused user experience balanced and anchored by the 2 Scoops.

Munchin on Scoops of Starfire!

Munchy Monday!

It’s Monday Durango and that means its time for Munchin! Come in to the Durango Rec Room today and get 15% off all Edibles! No Need for special words or phrases, just come on in for your edibles today and get 15% take off! We have some incredible options from Bonanza, Incredible, Wana, Dialed In, 7 Sacred, Binske, and many More! Monday is always for the Munchies!

Durango Rec Room, The House of OZ’s!

Well, we’ve got you! Come on in for one of our pre-packed zips,  starting at $40-$50 for shake, Popcorn ranging from $60- $70-$80, and Full Bud Oz Starting at $99 out the door!  We have sativas, hybrids, and indicas in a variety of potencies and flavors! We’re sure to have something for you! Is this enough for you? Big Delightful bags, just for you!

Munchin on Scoops of Starfire!


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