The Animas River winds through the town of Durango in southwestern ColoradoThe Animas River winds through the town of Durango in southwestern Colorado

Durango Delights: Favorite Spots Near Our Dispensary for Post-Visit Enjoyment

We love being a part of the community of Durango, especially to experience all of the vibrant and picturesque places this city has to offer. Our dispensary isn’t just a gateway for premium cannabis products but also a stepping stone to explore some of the dopest local spots. 


Whether you’re the outdoorsy type or looking to discover a new world, Durango has something special for you. We’ve handpicked some of our favorite destinations near our dispensary so you can experience Durango like a local and enhance the joy of your dispensary experience.


Downtown Durango

Downtown Durango is where the Old West meets the Southwest. This is where you’ll find the heart and soul of the community. Begin your adventure along the serene pathways by the Animas River, where the breathtaking views of the La Plata Mountains serve as the perfect backdrop for your Durango daydreams. 


Then, explore locally-owned stores. Their unique souvenirs, trendy gifts, or stylish clothing are treasures that scream Durango. Each store is a doorway to something new and unexpected, reflecting the spirit and creativity of our town.


Fridays in Durango light up with live music at Buckley Park, creating the perfect ambiance to kick back and enjoy the local talent. Summertime is packed with special events that showcase the best of Durango’s culture and spirit. When winter rolls around, Downtown Durango transforms into a winter wonderland, complete with carriage rides through snow-covered streets.


Mancos State Park

Mancos State Park is the ultimate playground for anyone looking to dive deep into Durango’s natural beauty and laid-back lifestyle. With its pristine lake, towering pines, and open skies, it’s an idyllic spot for kayaking, fishing, or just lounging lakeside with a good book and even better company. 


If you’re feeling especially in touch with nature, Mancos State Park offers both the ruggedness of backcountry camping and the comfort of developed sites for every level of outdoorsy. 


Mancos State Park also has endless possibilities when it comes to outdoor activities. They’ve got hiking, biking, fishing, snowshoeing, kayaking, canoeing, and standup paddle boarding. From leisurely strolls that let you drink in the scenery to adrenaline-pumping rides through the forest, Mancos State Parks’ trails offer breathtaking views, heart-pumping excitement, and the perfect path to adventure.


Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad

Chugging along the same tracks laid down in the 1880s, the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad is a steam-powered train and a living, breathing testament to the pioneering spirit of the West. The moment you step aboard, you’re stepping into a piece of history that’s as alive today as it was over a century ago.


As the train snakes its way from Durango to the historic mining town of Silverton, you’ll see towering peaks, lush valleys, and cascading waterfalls, all unfolding from the comfort of your seat. Once you arrive in Silverton, you can explore its Victorian buildings, old-timey shops, and friendly locals who are always up for a chat. Take your time exploring, grab a bite of some local grub, and soak up the atmosphere of a bygone era that’s as authentic as it gets.


Four Leaves Winery

Four Leaves Winery, located across from the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad, is our local portal to global vineyards, offering an eclectic mix of wines that are as diverse as our community. This cozy winery is where grapes from around the world find their way into your glass, transforming into a symphony of flavors that’ll make your taste buds dance. 


Four Leaves Winery masters this art, presenting a wide variety of wines, including dessert, fruit, red, and white varieties. If you’re into the crispness of green apple, the sweetness of raspberry, or the exotic touch of dragon fruit, there’s a sweet wine here with your name on it.


What’s wine without something to nibble on? Four Leaves offers light bites like hummus and chocolates to complement your wine-tasting journey. Opt for a flight to sample a variety, enjoy a glass, or take home a bottle of your favorite. But here’s the twist — you can play winemaker, too! Imagine crafting your own wine, from grape to bottle, with the guidance of their expert winemakers. And the cherry on top? Custom-designed labels that make your creation truly yours.


Canyon of the Ancients National Monument

If you’re looking for a day trip, check out Canyon of the Ancients National Monument, which is only an hour away from Durango. This national monument is a stunning portal back in time that spans 200,000 acres. Boasting the highest concentration of archaeological sites in the United States, the Canyon of the Ancients is a testament to the rich tapestry of 

Ancestral Puebloan history woven into the very fabric of the land. With over 6,000 documented structures amidst more than 20,000 identified sites, each step you take is a step through history. 

canyon of ancients

Whether you’re an avid hiker, mountain biker, horseback rider, or someone who loves to explore at your own pace, the monument offers a multitude of trails and self-guided tours. Traverse the landscape and discover the beauty and solitude of the desert, where each turn reveals another piece of history, another story waiting to be told. It’s a place where the silence speaks volumes, allowing you to truly immerse yourself in the wonder and mystery of the ancient world.


Come Visit Our Premier Colorado Cannabis Dispensary & Discover the Magic of Durango!

From the historic streets of Downtown Durango to the awe-inspiring expanse of the Canyon of the Ancients, each spot we’ve explored offers its own unique blend of beauty, history, and adventure. Now, it’s your turn to discover the magic of Durango and its surroundings! 


Visit Durango REC Room, check out the wonders around us, and find out why there’s no place quite like Durango, CO.


Be sure to check out our full online dispensary menu before your visit. 

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Behind the Counter: Our Staff's Favorite Cannabis Products

Behind the Counter: Our Staff’s Favorite Cannabis Products

At Durango REC Room, we want to bring you nothing but the best. We love all of our products, but it’s hard not to play favorites. In this blog, we’re going to highlight some of our favorite and best-selling products for you to try out for yourself.


Vera OC Skunk Flower

Among the gems of our collection is Vera’s OC Skunk, a strain that has rapidly climbed the ranks to become a favorite for many. Known for its unique skunky yet citrusy aroma, it provides a clear-headed high with strong physical sensation and steady cerebral stimulation. 


This strain is just what you need if you’re looking to conquer the day in a chill way. The best part about OC Skunk is its power; it boasts 30% THC, meaning you can use less and get more. Or, if you’re feeling up for it, you can turn up the intensity of your session with this potent powerhouse.


WYLD Gummies

There are a lot of gummies out there, but something about WYLD gummies has us hooked. They’re made of real fruit and are enhanced with expertly crafted terpene profiles to curate an ideal experience. Actually, we love them so much we even offer nine flavors! Here are three favorites: 


  • Huckleberry Hybrid: Huckleberry Hybrid is a joyful pick-me-up perfect for your day-to-day adventures. Not too energizing, not too sedating – it’s as balanced as wearing pajamas to work.


  • Raspberry Sativa: Raspberry Sativa will help you get locked in for whatever your day has in store for you. Cruise through creative projects, tackle any task, or supercharge your stamina.


  • Blood Orange 1:1 CBC+Sativa: Blood Orange CBC+Sativa helps calm the mind so you can feel inspired and energetic. The balance of THC and CBC will balance your day, meaning endless carefree adventures await.


Batch Signature Indica Vape Cartridge

Batch crafts cannabinoids and meticulously selects terpenes, making their concentrates a special experience. They produce their small-batch cannabis cartridges in a state-of-the-art, fully integrated facility, designing them specifically for discerning cannabis consumers.

Their signature indica blend, available in a 2-gram cartridge, will ease your mind, relieve pain, and tuck you into bed for the best sleep of your life. It’s all the benefits of cannabis, but better.


Wana Sativa Gummies – Assorted Flavors

Wana is a huge name in the cannabis game, and for good reason. Taste and feel the difference with their assorted sativa gummies

These gummies feature a vibrant mix of all-natural flavors. The flavors include grape, raspberry, lemon, green apple, and orange. They are enriched with an energizing sativa blend. The effects are as refreshing as their flavors. Try one before a social gathering or a concert to elevate your experience.


Green Dot Labs Picasso Black Label Flower

A masterpiece in its own right, Green Dot Labs’s Picasso Black Label Flower is a testament to the artwork that Green Dot Labs produces in their in-house breeding program. Get into the lemony garlic gas aroma and let the effects spark ideas of your own. 


This 50/50 hybrid offers a harmonious blend of relaxation and euphoria that will get your creative juices flowing. And because Green Dot Labs custom-brands their strains, finding Picasso flower is as priceless as finding a Picasso painting.


Pyramid Strawberry Banana Live Resin

Add some sweetness to your cannabis experience with Pyramid Strawberry Banan Live Resin. This live resin perfectly captures the essence of its namesake fruits with an intoxicating aroma and flavor profile that blends the lush notes of strawberries with the creamy undertones of bananas. 


Ideal for those seeking a full-bodied, terpene-rich experience, this live resin delivers on taste and effect, providing a balanced high that soothes the body while uplifting the mind. 


Green Dot Labs Fortissimo Black Label Live Badder

Green Dot Labs makes a second appearance on our list for their Fortissimo Black Label Live Badder. Their live badder stands out for its rich, creamy texture and robust flavor profile, offering an immersive experience that is both intense and refined. 

The name “Fortissimo,” meaning “played loudly,” came because Green Dot Labs called it the “loudest in their catalog.” It merges the powerful Chem D and Crescendo cross with the famously funky Han Solo Burger to create the dankest aromas and effects.

Durango Rec Room Cannabis Dispensary — Come Experience Colorado’s Best Selection

There you have it! The best of the best. But like we said, everything on the menu is well worth a try. 


Check out Durango REC Room’s full selection of cannabis products, from flower to edibles and tinctures to topicals, here!

*The contents of this blog are intended for informational purposes only. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.*