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Different Ways to Consume Cannabis Flower for an Elevated Experience

When it comes to enjoying cannabis, choosing the right method can make all the difference. In this blog, we’ll fill you in on all the different ways to consume cannabis flower so you can create a personalized, elevated experience. 

Smoking: The Old School Way

First up, we’ve got the OG method on the block – smoking. There’s a whole arsenal of tools and techniques in the smoking world. Each comes with its own charm and personality:

  • Joints and Blunts

    man lighting a rolled joint

A classic joint is a simple and timeless way to consume cannabis. It involves rolling ground cannabis flower in a thin paper to create a cigarette-like cylinder. Blunts, on the other hand, are similar but typically use cigar wrappers, giving them a distinct flavor. Joints and blunts are ignited at one end and smoked from the other, delivering the effects of cannabis when the user inhales the smoke.

  • Pipes

A pipe is a compact and portable smoking device. It consists of a bowl (where you place the cannabis) and a stem that you inhale from. Pipes come in various materials, such as glass, wood, or metal, and in various shapes and sizes. They are known for their simplicity and ease of use, making them a popular choice for on-the-go cannabis enthusiasts.

  • Bongs

A bong is a water filtration device specifically designed for smoking cannabis. It typically consists of a water chamber, a bowl where the cannabis is placed, and a tube through which you inhale. When the user lights the cannabis, the smoke is drawn through the water, which cools and filters it, resulting in a smoother and less harsh inhale. Bongs are appreciated for their ability to deliver big hits and enhance the taste and quality of the smoke.

man in the woods smoking cannabis out of a bong

If you want to elevate your smoking game, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Quality matters: Get some good, fresh flower. It makes all the difference.
  • Grinding is key: A good grinder will break down your herb just right.
  • Mind your fire: Take it slow, don’t torch it all at once, and let the flavors shine.
  • Stay hydrated: The cottonmouth is real, folks.
  • Respect your surroundings: Be mindful of your fellow humans – not everyone loves the smell of skunky joy.

Smoking is a classic for a reason – with so many diverse methods and a rich cultural history, it remains a timeless choice for cannabis enthusiasts who appreciate the authenticity and simplicity of sparking up a good ol’ joint, bowl, or blunt.

Vaping: The Smooth Operator

So, what’s vaping, you ask? Instead of burning your herb, this method heats it up gently, releasing those sweet cannabinoids and terpenes without all that smoke.

Now, let’s dive into the hardware. There’s a whole universe of vaporizers out there, but these are the main types: 

  • Portable Vaporizers

These are like the modern-day pipes. They’re compact and come in various shapes and sizes. Portable vaporizers heat your cannabis flower through either conduction or convection. Conduction models heat the herb directly, while convection models use hot air to do the job.

  • Desktop Vaporizers

These are the big guns of the vaping world. Designed for home use, they’re powerful and usually plug into the wall. Desktop vaporizers often use convection heating to deliver a smoother, more controlled vapor. They’re perfect for group sessions and getting the most out of your cannabis.

  • Pen-Style Vaporizers

Sleek and discreet, these pocket-sized vapes are perfect for on-the-go use. Most pen-style vaporizers use conduction and operate by heating a coil, which then vaporizes the cannabis extract or oil. People often use them for vaping concentrates rather than flower, making them a type of vaporizer nonetheless!

  • Butane-Powered Vaporizers

These are for the outdoorsy types. They don’t rely on electricity but use butane to heat the herb. They offer a different experience and are excellent for those who enjoy camping or hiking with their cannabis.

Additionally, if you’re new to the vaping scene, here are some tips to ensure a smooth, enjoyable experience:

  1. Keep it clean: Regularly clean your vaporizer for optimal performance.
  2. Grind it fine: A finer grind ensures even heating and better vapor production.
  3. Experiment with temperatures: Find the sweet spot for your preferred effects.
  4. Keep the battery charged: Nobody wants a dead vape in the middle of a sesh.

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Overall, there is a smorgasbord of ways to enjoy cannabis flower. From the classic to the cutting-edge, there’s a method for everyone. Don’t be shy to mix it up. Explore different methods, get to know your preferences, and create a personalized cannabis experience that’s uniquely yours. After all, variety is the spice of life, especially when it’s the green kind.

Looking to explore the smorgasbord of cannabis flower at Durango Rec Room? Check out our recreational cannabis dispensary menu, where you can find the best products this side of the Rocky Mountains.

The contents of this blog are intended for informational purposes only and do not constitute medical advice; the content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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Flower Power: Unveiling Durango REC Room’s Featured Cannabis Strains & Their Effects

Hey there friends, fellow cannabis enthusiasts, and Durango locals! We’re gathering round the virtual campfire today to chat about some of our favorite strains.

Here at the Durango REC Room, we’re proud to support Colorado’s growers and offer you the finest-quality, organically grown cannabis. Each strain on our shelves tells a unique story. We’re thrilled to share the tales of six featured strains with you. Keep reading to learn more!

About Our Cannabis Strains

First, at Durango Rec Room, every strain we offer is classified as either Sativa-dominant or Indica-dominant hybrid. This means it’s rare to find a strain that’s entirely 100% Sativa or Indica in our collection. If you’re not familiar with these terms or need more clarity, don’t hesitate to drop by and converse with our knowledgeable budtenders. They always stand by ready to answer your queries and assist you on this green journey! Additionally, our primary mission is to help you discover precisely what you require. Whether you’re seeking flower, concentrates, cartridges, or edibles, rest assured the Rec Room has something tailored to your needs and desires!

Now, having covered all that, let’s explore some of the excellent strains we are currently offering.


Cap N Kush

An absolute treasure from the shores of cannabis paradise! Cap N Kush (from EGN) is known for its uplifting effects that spark creativity and joy. The sweet hints of citrus and pine in its aroma would make any seasoned pirate swoon. Perfect when you need some inspiration, or you’re simply looking to enjoy a joyful ride on the high seas of relaxation.

Brought to us by Elev8 Seeds, Cap n Kush is cross of Triangle Kush and Cereal Milk. The gentle tranquility it delivers relaxes you subtly as your thoughts meander leisurely without a defined pathway. Cap N Kush exudes a balanced aroma, seamlessly blending mild fruity undertones with the refreshing notes of pine.


Gary Peyton MAC

A fan favorite, Gary Peyton MAC has a distinct flavor profile that reminds us of some exotic trip to a forest, with its earthy and piney notes. Its balanced hybrid effects make your journey both uplifting and relaxing. It is great for those laid-back evenings when you want a peaceful yet invigorating experience.



Just like your favorite cookie, Oreoz offers that delightful experience of joy, wrapped in layers of dense trichomes and deep purple hues. Famous for its sweet, slightly earthy flavor, Oreoz lifts the spirit and calms the body, making it just right for when you need some sweet, chill vibes.

Also referred to as “Oreo Cookies” or simply “Oreos,” Oreoz from EGN is a powerful hybrid cannabis strain created through the fusion of Cookies and Cream with Secret Weapon. The high induced by Oreoz is soothing, relaxed, and enduring. However, given its substantial potency, new cannabis users should approach this strain with caution to avoid feeling overwhelmed. With its unique aroma that evokes memories of s’mores toasted over a campfire, enriched with distinct traces of chocolate and diesel, Oreoz is indeed a sensory delight.


Pineapple Punch (Grown by our friends at Silver Lake)

From the heart of our local soil, Pineapple Punch’s tropical flavors take you on a vacation right in your living room. Known for its euphoric and relieving effects, this strain is your go-to when seeking an energizing yet soothing experience.

The Flying Dutchmen crafted Pineapple Punch, a dominantly sativa strain with a 70/30 sativa-indica ratio, by combining genetics from Skunk #1 with the Hawaiian indica, Real McCoy. Also, as its name implies, Pineapple Punch offers a delightful blend of flavors, including pineapple, zesty citrus, and soft floral notes, which create a refreshing tropical symphony.  Due to its gentle and manageable effects, this sativa strain is an excellent option for social outings or enjoying the tranquility of nature.


Eastside OG

Eastside OG is as authentic as it gets. Boasting classic OG flavors with a Colorado twist, it offers a blend of relaxation and euphoria that’s perfect for that end-of-the-day unwinding ritual or a friendly get-together.


Glue Cookies

Last but not least, Glue Cookies combines the best of two legendary strains into a harmony of sweet flavors and powerful relaxing effects. A fantastic inflammation and stress reliever, it’s a great companion for a quiet afternoon or a sleep-aid on restless nights.


Starfire Cream

Starfire Cream features highly resinous plants sporting thick flowers with great bag appeal. Our favorite pheno combines strong well-spaced stems supporting tight conical buds with copious crystal and a subtle, intriguing pine and citrus aroma. Most users experience a strong and grounded high that uplifts you to wonderful blissful feeling.


Durango REC Room – Always Prioritizing Your Well-Being!

Finally, thanks for joining us on this journey of discovery through our proudly local strains. Be sure to check out our specials and remember, at Durango REC Room, we prioritize your well-being and exceptional service. We immensely appreciate each one of you and thank you for supporting local cannabis!

Speaking of local, Durango REC Room is excited to be participating in the upcoming CannaCrawl that is happening on October 13-15! Presented by DGO Magazine, this event “celebrates the culture of cannabis, and allows residents to learn more about the variety of products and accessories available at the participating dispensaries. Crawlers that have their passport stamped at every location receive a chance to win a special prize.” We’re looking forward to seeing you out on the crawl!

*Always consult a physician before making any changes to your health or fitness regimen.*

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Sour Sherbert! Durango Rec Room!

Sour Sherbert! Durango Rec Room!

Flower Special!

Sour Sherbert! Durango Rec Room! Get ready for something WYLD Durango, with some Sour Sherbert at the Rec Room. Today we have two amazing specials for you, we have our Sour Glizzy for a Sativa, with an amazing look and smell this strain is perfect for any mid day activity or just getting stuff done around the house! Looking for more of an Indica? Check out the Sherbert Creamsicle, a truly wonderfully tasting strain with a great high that is perfect to end any day!

Sour Glizzy!

Sour Glizzy is a unknown variety from Exclusive Seeds and can be cultivated indoors and outdoors. Exclusive Seeds’ Sour Glizzy is a THC dominant variety and is/was never available as feminized seeds.

Sherbet Creamsicle!

Sugar-sweet blend of citrus and berry on early finishing plants with very low leaf and lots of fall colors. A truly stunning and invigorating plant to behold. User experience is smooth and uplifting. Great for functional daytime enhancement.

Sour Sherbert! Durango Rec Room!

WYLD Wednesday! Go WYLD!

Looking for some amazing concentrate for a wonderful price? Then look no further than our Wildfire branded products, some of the best Crumble Wax and Cartridges in the state! Come in on any Wednesday and let 25% taken off any Wildfire Products, Wax or Cart, that means Wax Grams go for just $15 out the door and the 1 Gram Carts are going for $26! Be sure to drop on by and say high, and grab yourself some amazing Wyldfire Products while you do!

More into Edibles? Never fear for we also do 25% off all WYLD Gummies! These amazing gummies come in amazing flavors like Raspberry, Huckleberry, and Marrionberry as well as Sour Apple and Sour Cherry there is a flavor for everyone! Usually $20 out the door  you can get these amazing gummies toady for only $15 out the door!

Durango Rec Room, The House of OZ’s!

Well, we’ve got you! Come on in for one of our pre-packed zips,  starting at $40-$50 for shake, Popcorn ranging from $60- $70-$80, and Full Bud Oz Starting at $99 out the door!  We have sativas, hybrids, and indicas in a variety of potencies and flavors! We’re sure to have something for you! Is this enough for you? Big Delightful bags, just for you!

Sour Sherbert! Durango Rec Room!


The Durango Rec Room which is now selling seeds! We have Indica, Sativa and Hybrid options in a variety of different strains. They will be in a pack with 6 seeds for $30 (Limit one pack of 6 seeds per customer per day).  We are very excited about it and hope you are as well. Come on in and check out the strains we got for you.


Sativa Strain Info!

Indica Strain Leafly Info!

Sativa Strain Reviews!

Indica Strain Leafly Reviews!

Durango Rec Room Flower Menu!

Sour Sherbert! Durango Rec Room!

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Exploring Local Attractions: How to Enhance Your Durango Cannabis Adventures

Situated amid majestic peaks and vibrant scenery, Durango is more than just a picturesque Colorado mountain town. It’s a lively hub imbued with an entrancing weed ambiance and a menu of delectable local dining options that cater to all tastes. Whether you’re a cannabis enthusiast or a foodie, this guide sets out the must-explore local attractions primed to enhance your Durango cannabis adventures.


More About Durango

Firstly, let’s set the scene. The vibrant city of Durango is nestled in the Animas River Valley. It is steeped in a rich tapestry of history. This history spans the realms of Native American civilizations, Spanish explorers, gold miners, and modern-day adventurers. Your passion for cannabis cultivation and appreciation for the scenic beauty of Southwest Colorado will find resonance in Durango’s intriguing past.

The initial inhabitants of this region were the Pueblo Indians, whose presence traced back to around 750 AD. They were proficient farmers and builders. They were renowned for their skill in constructing elaborate multi-storied homes out of stone and adobe mud. The Spanish explorers later came to the area in search of gold in the late 16th century. However, the city, as we know it today, started taking shape in the mid-1800s during the Colorado Gold Rush. While miners flocked to the area in search of fortune, they unknowingly set the foundation for a burgeoning community in the heart of Southwest Colorado.

The establishment of the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad in 1881 spurred Durango’s growth. Subsequently, it transformed into a bustling hub for mining and agriculture. As decades passed, industries evolved, and Durango began attracting explorers of a different kind – outdoor enthusiasts, artists, and people simply enamored by the area’s natural beauty.

Today, Durango is a thriving city that honors its rich historical heritage while embracing modernity. It’s home to vibrant local enterprises like our own Rec Room, supporting Colorado growers, and contributing to the town’s dynamic socioeconomic tapestry with exceptional organically grown marijuana.


A Signature Part of Durango Cannabis Culture – The Durango Rec Room

Making its mark at the heart of Durango’s thriving cannabis scene is the Durango Rec Room, a sanctuary for cannabis devotees. Our notable establishment offers a plethora of premium cannabis products designed to meet and exceed the diverse preferences and tolerances of our visitors.

To make the most of your visit to the Durango Rec Room, strike up a conversation with our knowledgeable staff. Our budtenders possess a treasure trove of knowledge about the array of strains/products available and can assist in selecting the perfect option for you. Whether you’re a seasoned consumer or trying cannabis for the first time, the Durango Rec Room ensures a memorable, personalized experience.

Indulge in an Array of Durango’s Local Food Options

After your enlightening visit to our dispensary, we bet you’ll have worked up quite the appetite. Durango is home to some fantastic local eateries, each adding its own unique culinary charm to our lively city:

  • Set out and start your foodie adventure at The Ore House. A warm, rustic fine-dining spot, it’s a delightful canvas of our state’s proud agricultural legacy. Featuring the choicest products from Colorado’s farms and ranches, it’s a meal that’ll set your taste buds tingling in all the right ways.
  • Next, take your senses on a treat at The Balcony Bar & Grill. With a stellar view of the city and some mouthwatering local beverages and dishes, this is an experience you don’t want to miss!
  • Now, if you ask us, we think every food journey needs a little twist. And that’s where East by Southwest steps in. Classic Asian cuisine meets the bold, inventive spirit of the west, creating an unforgettable gastronomic fusion.


For a Sweet Ending

And, of course, no culinary adventure is complete without a little something for the sweet tooth. Lucky for you, Durango offers a variety of decadent dessert spots.

Be sure to check out Durango Joe’s, a stellar local coffee shop! Additionally, for a delicious finish that’s as local as it gets, head on over to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Trust us when we say, tasting their creations will add the cherry on top of your Durango cannabis adventure!

Remember, friend, it’s all about the journey – and yours is just starting. So let your tastebuds lead the way, basking in the local culinary magic that Durango offers.


Durango Cannabis Adventures: Reflecting on the Journey

Embarking on a cannabis adventure in Durango encompasses more than unwinding in the warm embrace of high-grade strains. Exploring the local food scene, brimming with a rich variety of cuisine, amplify the overall experience. The fusion of unique cannabis strains and a diverse culinary landscape ensures an unforgettable escape.

The opportunities for exploration are endless. So pack your bags, whet your appetite, and get ready to embark on a journey that intertwines the best of Durango’s cannabis culture with its unrivaled food scene. Your Durango cannabis adventure awaits!

Be sure to check out our online dispensary menu before your visit.

*Always consult a physician before making any changes to your health or fitness regimen.*